B2B Data Sharing Plan

PCGC Sharing Plan

Qualified, external researchers (non-B2B, non-ancillary studies) may access the genotype and phenotype datasets submitted and stored in dbGaP. PCGC phenotypic data can be found in study accession phs00194. Genotypic and sequencing data can be found in the 2 sub-studies under phs00194 as well as in the Gabriella Miller Kids First / PCGC study (phs001138) and the PCGC/TOPMed study (phs001735). Access to these studies is controlled by a NIH Data Access Committees. Investigators who wish to access shared data must complete a Data Use Certification, which is reviewed and approved by the DAC. Membership of the DACs includes Federal staff with relevant expertise in areas such as the relevant particular scientific disciplines, research participant protection, and privacy.

Investigators interested in accessing CHD GENES biospecimens should submit a proposal for an ancillary study.