CvDC Centers

Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
PIs: Benoit Bruneau, Deepak Srivastava, and Katherine Pollard
The Epigenetic Landscape of Heart Development
Active: 2009-2020

Harvard University Medical School
PIs: Jonathan Seidman, Christine Seidman, William Pu, Axel Visel, and Len Pennachio
Regulation of Cardiac Development in Health and Disease
Collaborating sites: Boston Children’s Hospital and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Active 2009-2020

University of California, San Diego
PIs: Sylvia Evans and Neil Chi
Developmental Regulatory Genomics of Human Cardiovascular Lineages
Collaborating site: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Active: 2015-2020

University of Utah
PI: Joseph Yost
Genome-wide Analysis of Cardiac Development in Zebrafish
Active 2009-2020

The University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
PI: Cecilia Lo
Modeling the genetic basis for human congenital heart disease in mice
Active: 2009-2015

CvDC Postdoctoral Fellows